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Captain Kidd’s Lost Treasure

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Based on difficulty level, players should be 12 years old to play on their own (7-12 years old with at least 1 adult).

Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd roomA Treasure Hunt Adventure

This room’s theme is based on a true story. Captain Kidd was a real pirate! Captain Kidd, a Scottish privateer, was tried and hung in 1701 for piracy. Legends say that he buried his treasure along the coasts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. You have been hired to investigate a recently discovered ship that is believed to be Captain Kidd’s lost vessel, Adventure Galley. It is said to be haunted by the ghost Captain Kidd himself and has hidden clues that, if solved, will reveal a map that leads to his most prized treasures. Are you ready for a treasure hunt?

***Mobility Limitations*** – This room has a stairwell as well as a wooden ladder that must be used for complete access to all areas of the game. The game can be accommodated to be played without the use of the ladder but the stairs are necessary. Please contact us with any questions.


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Read what others thought of the room. No Spoilers, we promise!


Read what others thought of the room. No Spoilers, we promise!

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