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The Cube


Based on difficulty level, players should be 10 years old
to play on their own, 7+ with an adult.

The Cube is not a fully immersive escape game but it is just as fun!

Everything you need to solve The Cube lies on or within. Great for teams of up to 6 players, this 1-hour game is available to book onsite in our meeting room and can also be brought to events/businesses/conventions.

Plot: You are a group of seasoned criminals. An old friend recently informed you about a job that is taking place and the Mastermind behind it is looking to recruit some professional criminals. Even though you are not certain on what the job entails, you were told to meet here if you wanted to try out. Upon arrival, you encounter The Cube – a test of wits that you must solve in order to make the team for this supposedly lucrative job.



Read what others thought of the room. No Spoilers, we promise!


Read what others thought of the room. No Spoilers, we promise!

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